Hygiene And Constipation

A salaried couple came to the doctor Joshi with his 2-year-old child. The complaint was lodged, the child was suffering constipation at regular intervals. Many medicines have given the child, but the constipation problem remains when they stop the drug. Besides, the child repeatedly weeps and screams when goes for a bowl.

Talking to the parents, the doctor found that they both are working and a girl-maid looking after the baby during the day. After more inquiries, he found that the child was wearing expensive diapers. During the day, the maid cleans the child once or twice after removing diapers. The doctor also noticed that the child was to having fungal infections near the child’s part. Apart from this, there were visible scratches.

Diagnosed “Fungal infection”. There was lots of irritation due to scratches while the child was going for a bowl and the child stopped diarrhea. The stool was very hard. The doctor also found another reason for this. During the day, the child is fed with milk and biscuits, products of refined flour (Maida) while feeling hungry.

One reason for the child to suffering fungal infection was that the maid-girl was not cleaning the child’s bunghole section properly. There was fungus in the absence of proper cleansing after diarrhea and the child was suffering from itching, which became unbearable for a child, ultimately the child was weeping.

Due to the diet of refined flour’s (Maida) products, the child was suffering from the hard-bowel problem and constipation remained was continued.

The doctor asks the parents to take care of the child’s hygiene completely and it was very important. Instructed parents to feed fibrous food and avoid to give refined flour’s (Maida) items. Teach child toilets training and ask the child to sit for the bowel. Bananas are very useful for children’s strength and even for the constipation problem. In addition, figs are also helpful in this and children should gradually adhere to green vegetables or even soup. Also, provide natural foods as much as possible. Please give medicine of constipation if it was told by the doctor only.

Parents should avoid diapers as well as other synthetic cloths. Old-fashioned cotton’s diapers are always good, as they can be washed immediately. We should keep one dozen of such cotton diapers handy. Usage of diapers can be done while going out. To avoid fungal infection apply good cream after consulting Doctor.

It’s always good for the health to give children pure water. In childhood, we should make a good habit of healthy food, fruits, milk, dry fruits, beans, etc.

Please avoid outside eatable, noodles, pizza, bread and bakery products.

Baby – Hygiene and Constipation

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