Bad Habits Of Elders, But The Sufferer Is A Child

One two-year-old child brought by his parents to Dr. Joshi. Their complaint was, this child was vomiting for almost a week. Sometimes vomiting were looks like reddish and blackish in color. After vomiting this baby does not like to eat anything. Many times, days passed without eating and the child would cry due to stomachache, later the child becomes cool and calm.

Doctor Joshi carefully examined the child. The child was appeared to be active and did not even giddy feeling. In other investigations heart, lung, liver and other limbs were found normal. In a pathological test, Hemoglobin was found less than required. The remaining liver and kidney tests were also normal and the baby was healthy all the other way.

Dr. Joshi says, according to his experience of years, this baby was normal but there was something strange so that it was vomiting, the baby was unable to eat and was crying and kept her hand on the stomach.

Through the child’s stomach and chest’s X-ray result, Dr. able to see the presence of the circular metal body (FB means Foreign Body) in the belly of a child. Now the Endoscopy / Gastros become compulsive. It’s expert doctor worked hard and removed the FB (Foreign Body) and found that it was a button cell. Generally, the button cell consists of dangerous toxic chemicals like Mercury, Lithium, and Potassium Hydroxide. This led to many problems in the stomach.

Now the question arose, how did the button cell reached in this baby’s belly?

At the end of inquiries and discovery finally, findings were this…

The child’s grandfather was using hearing aids to listen properly. The button cell was used in this hearing aids. A few days ago, he replaced a new button cell after a low battery. The old cell was thrown outside the windows of a home.

The thrown button cell hit the glass of a window and would have come again inside the home. The button cell would have come in hands of the child and he would have put them in his mouth in a trance. Which would have been swallowed? Small children put many such things in motion, and then such accidents happen.

A few days ago, a person in a family has kept the mobile phone for charging and then took the mobile phone in a hurry, but kept the charger and the switch on. The child in the home has taken the charger in the hand and kept it in the mouth. The child got the current and it was a major accident. Dr. Joshi always requests Interior Designers to keep the electricity board high enough so that children’s hands do not reach it.

People in the home should keep in mind that things like a knife, scissors, blades, etc. should not be kept in such a way that it should not be reached in the hands of children easily. Children are attracted to different colored tablets/capsules, so they should be kept in a safe place. Do not forget that even if children eat such medicine, there is a great disaster. Many such accidents continue to occur. Soap water is also being consumed by children. Phenyl or other ant mosquito chemicals are a major problem if children drink. And if  “Stomach Wash” has not done immediately, then the child health can damage for a lifetime or even the loss of a child.

Today many toys have been provided with the plastic wrapped pack with “Instruction” to keep away such plastic bags/packs from children. Otherwise, the children wearing this bag in the game can be dumbfounded.

Everyone in the home including parents have the duty to keep an eye on children so that there are no such accidents. Many times the children climb on the windows, on top of the table or chair or the sofa due to oversight of adults in the home. There are many chances of incidents due to loss of balance of these children and the incidents continue to occur many times. Due to this many injuries also occurs. Many children throw things in the nose and ears also.

To grow children is not a game. That’s why it is said that ” Child development of a child is not childish.

Bad Habits Of Elders, But The Sufferer Is A Child

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