Introduction to Dr. N. C. Joshi sir and Mr. Bakulesh Thakkar

Dr. N C Joshi M.D., D.Ch. The pediatrician has been practicing since over the last 50 years. The children that were treated by him have now become parents themselves.

Even today, these parents haven’t forgotten Dr. Joshi and they now take their own kids to him for medical consultations and treatments.

Mr. Bakulesh Thakkar, a pharmacist since 41 years is close friends with Dr. Joshi – a well-experienced Doctor who writes down useful articles in Yugvandana about his conversations with Dr. Joshi into for New Parents.

The knowledge shared in these articles is something you would not get off the books. Only with knowledge and experience of someone like Dr. Joshi who keeps sharing it with the Author Mr. Thakkar time to time can make up to these articles.

A newborn who is unable to speak tries to convey its state/feeling by crying, bouncing, throwing tantrums or sweltering. Their body also tries to convey a lot by showing symptoms such as light diarrhea, urination, sweating, boils on the body, fever, cold and cough, etc. this way, the child says a lot of things which the parents, family, as well as the doctor, need to listen or understand. Only with experience can one understand the language of the newborn and in order to learn so, it is important to take help from a pediatrician.

Child development is an art as well as science. So let’s, learn together which will benefit our kids.

Child Upbringing – An art as well as science

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