On the full moon day, people with weak brains suffer a lot, some have madness attacks, some have convulsions/tiger’s attack – for centuries, many countries in the world believe such things to be true. But till now no such scientific evidence has been found, and no one has been able to prove that this is the truth.
A seven-year-old child had a diagnosis of convulsions. The medication was going on and its illness was completely under control, but still, the parents had to say that sometimes the child would have convulsions attack which would occur around a full moon. This child took treatment from Dr. Joshi and yet the parents had to say that sometimes the child would have convulsions attack which would occur around a full moon.

Being the only child to them, the parents would repeatedly plead to Dr. Joshi saying that when the full moon would come nearer they would get worried and could not help think that something bad was going to happen to their child.
Dr. Joshi had the experience that most of the parents believe that they timely give medications to their children when they fall ill; however, in reality, they tend to miss giving the dose at times. Especially patients suffering from convulsions mustn’t miss out on any medication dose.
Keeping in mind the above scenario, he told the following the parents of the seven-year-old child –

  1. Medicines should be given on time
  2. The child should not be allowed to watch TV for a long time
  3. They should not scream or yell at the child. If the child makes mistakes, they should make him understand with patience
  4. Aji no moto and Chinese should be avoided
  5. The child should not go out in the sun without proper protection
    The high and low intensities of the heat of the sun cannot be sustained by the child’s brain and this can result in convulsions. We all know that things like – body temperature, weather, sunlight, darkness, silence, fear, beliefs, etc a human’s body, as well as the brain, get affected differently.
    If one observes, the TV projects varied the brightness. The volume is too loud or soft at different times. Sur to all this, our eyes, ears, and brain have to adjust a lot. This is why watching a lot of TV tires the brain. And so, one should keep the brain away from such harmful things and stay nearer to nature which is beautiful and quiet. The latter proves to be a blessing.
    In the above-mentioned case, the patient’s parents did everything that they were told by Dr. Joshi and the child never had any convulsions, even not around a full moon. The parents now do not believe in the myths and have accepted the scientific methods.
    Here, Dr. Joshi feels it is important to mention the ‘Circadian Rhythm’. The word Circadian is derived from Latin which means ‘Circa’ – about; ‘Dies’ – day. Circadian Rhythm is any biological process widely observed in every living organism that displays an oscillation of about 24 hours. It is also known as the biological clock. This clock is responsible for every organism’s pattern of sleeping, waking up time, the time when they feel hungry. Because of this only, a living organism sleep wakes up and eats every day. And this happens daily.
Convulsions And Full-moon

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