Allergic Bronchitis

It is natural that every parent has a lot of love for their children. Parents always want their children to be healthy, good looking, smart, active and always better than other children.
Not only happy and rich parents, but also the parents of a moderate situation, do not want to compromise in the growth of their children.

Many parents nowadays bring their child with a complaint of frequent coughing. Due to Wheezing asthmatic bronchitis child suffers breathing problem and that time parents also feels breathlessness due to fear.

This is the case of a one-year-old child. A parent was very upset and disturbed. They have taken an urgent appointment of Dr. N. C. Joshi to consult for their child. The child was suffering a fever.

While talking with the parents, Dr. Joshi came to know that they were highly educated. They were taking proper care of the child and cleanliness too. Mother, herself was taking care of the child. Besides that, all vaccination was given as per scheduled and diet was also proper according to age.

Dr. Joshi examined the child and noticed, one or two red shades, like mosquitoes, have bitten on the child’s feet. He asked the parents for the same. Parents agreed on the mosquitoes problem in their residing area. But also share the usage of mosquito repellent coil, as well as closing the doors and windows in the evening, as precautions.  This red shades might be due to traveling from home to the clinic.

Now the diagnosis for the doctor has become very easy. The child was suffering from Infective allergy.  Colds, fever, and cough were caused by allergies. In many children, smoke that occurs due to the fog of mosquito repellent coils leads to such a situation. The doctor told the parents that, by using such coils and other mosquito repellents. many children are suffering from this disease. So stop burning the coil. There is nothing safer than mosquito netting to prevent mosquitoes. Let the child sleep in a mosquito net. Please do not use cents, perfumes, etc. in the home. Also please avoid flavored biscuits, chocolates, snacks, drinks, ice creams, etc. for a child. All these are the creators of allergies.

Additionally, Dr. Joshi added, due to love and affection some parents use silk’s bed sheets and pillow cover, woolen clothing and soft toys – like a teddy bear. Instead, if parents get it of cotton, many times we can avoid such illness. In many homes, due to pets, there are chances of such allergies. In some cases, allergies happen due to dust. So, please avoid dust.

Dr. also adds the list of causes of allergy, which may lead to Allergic Bronchitis and further to Infestive Allergic Bronchitis. The list includes mint’s piper-mint, chocolates, cold drinks, ready to use snacks, raw eggs, shellfish and in some children citrus fruits like orange, sweet lemon, lime, nuts, chickpea, etc.  (in some cases) cashew nuts also.

It concludes that parents observations are must and if unable to find, we can find route causes of Allergy by the help of Allergy tests.

New-Era’s Gift – Allergic Bronchitis

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