One educated couple came doctor Dr. Joshi along with their 7 years old daughter. She was very weak and thin. Mother started complaining for her “Doctor, we get an everyday complaint from our daughter’s school that she sleeps in the ongoing class and does not pay attention to study. She even does not talk to anyone. The teacher is assuming that my daughter watches T.V. programs till late night and that’s why she sleeps during the daytime. But the fact is our daughter does not watch T.V. at all. She sleeps at 8:30 o’clock and even sleeps twelve hours a day. Our daughter is weak because she is a Premature Baby. In a day we give many tonics, milk, and protein powder as well as glucose powder twice a day. But she does not feel strong and she feels remains tired. Even weight does not increase and she prefers a liquid diet more than the solid food. Sometimes she feels vomiting and pain in the stomach also.”

Doctor Joshi asked the daughter of a couple to sleep on the table to examine her. With the stethoscope, Dr. was about to examining patient and suddenly an idea came to him. And he began to observe the patient’s hands, feet, face, mouth, lips, etc. Then he started writing some pathological tests on his prescription pad. He had written tests for testing Blood sugar and Urine for Acetone and Keaton bodies. Then he observed the baby formally and asked her parents to get all the tests done and visit him to show the reports. Till that time please stop all the tonics, glucose powder, sugar, etc. immediately. The couple insisted Dr. Joshi about the tests, and in turn, Dr. replied the tests are for Diabetes. Parents get panicked by hearing the name “Diabetes” and the father of the baby said, ” But, Doctor sir, in our family there is no history of Diabetes.”

Dr. Joshi spoke “Let the reports come tomorrow. Then only we will start medication. Meet me tomorrow evening with reports.”

The next day, the couple came back with their daughter. According to the reported Blood Sugar was 500mg./dl. The parents were very upset. They said, “Doctor, is there any chance of mistake in the report?” The doctor explained to them, “The report is absolutely right and it’s according to my assumption only. I was sure for Blood sugar would be very high. That’s why yesterday, I told you to stop tonic, which contains sugar syrup, glucose powder, and sugar, etc.” The doctor further said that while checking the baby, I used to feel some Fruity Odour from her sweat and that time only I was convinced that she is suffering from “Juvenile Diabetes”. Even you can observe that her hands, legs, face, face, lips, etc. all have become dry. Because such a patient gets urination very frequently and the result of it the water from the body gets discharged and all the organs are dry. Such patients also feel very sleepy. By mis-interpretating this as weakness, we give tonics, glucose powder, etc. to such patients, due to which sugar levels are may likely to grow more. You said that she likes to have more liquids than solid food. The reason for this is, her body gets dehydrated, she feels more thirsty and that’s why she drinks more liquids.

It is imperative that she has to start insulin injection immediately. This is called Juvenile Diabetes or Type-1 Diabetes, by giving insulin she can lead to normal life. But the injection should be given her for life-long. Her pancreas does not produce insulin, we have to give insulin from outside Additionally she should be under observation of Paediatric Diabetologist.

Secondly, she should do exercise and take part in sports on a regular basis to be healthy. Monitor her blood sugar on a regular interval. For that, you can buy a Glucometer at home. It is easy to use and will show Sugar levels in five seconds. Also, get check her eyes regularly. You have to be careful about her feet so that, she does not suffer the “Diabetes Foot” problem.

Dr. Joshi shares “The girl has already completed her graduation in Management Studies and she is beautiful, healthy in appearance and also on a good post in a big company.

One Of The Reasons – Why The Baby Is Weak?

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