A three-year-old child was brought from a small village to hospital to do treatment of Dr. Joshi. The complaint was such that “this child suddenly gets scared, vigorously takes deep breathe. Apparently, it was related to suffocation and the baby was grayed out. According to the parents, someone had tried out Witchcraft or black magic. Parents also had visited many Occultists (Tantriks) and done offering oblation into the fire, worship-lessons, charmed amulet or thread (Tavij), etc. But everything went in vain. Due to such, they suffered a loss of money. So, someone persuaded me to visit Dr. Joshi.

After listening to the parents’ words, Dr. Joshi examined the child, from his years of experience, he decided that if the child needs treatment of the Pediatric Cardiologist and he might require heart surgery. A child’s becoming gray means, brown is called Blue Spells or Cyanotic Spells. These children are getting insufficient oxygen. That’s why they feel suffocation. The reason for this may be such that the way between the child’s heart and the lungs is suddenly frozen, so that the blood reaching the lungs decreases, ultimately it stops. Such a situation is called Tetralogy of Fallot. This is a kind of heart disease and its since birth.

This child’s X-ray, Cardiogram, and other tests were performed and Dr. Joshi’s assumptions came true. Heart surgery was successfully done on the child and today this baby has become normal. The parents have forgotten the ghost and now, they explain to everyone for the non-existence of ghost and Black-magic.

Witchcraft / Black magic over the child?

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