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Cancer Screening Test :

A Cancer Screening Test (Onkosure® DR-70) From Ingenuity Healthcare, Is A Simple Blood Test For Screening 16 Types Of Cancer. It Detects Cancer At The Earliest Stages, Often Even Before The Symptoms Show Up.


the cancertypes that onkosure dr70 has been investigated for diagnosis


Early Detection of 16 

Cancer Types :

Early Diagnosis Means There Is A Possibility For Treatment Which Is Valid For Almost Every Type Of Cancer. While The Chances Are High In The Early Stage That Intestinal And Breast Cancers Can Be Treated Up To 90% The Possibility For Treatment Declines To Around 20% In The Advanced Stages’.



Research Related To

Cancer Detection :

Onkosure® DR-70 Has Been Thoroughly Tested And Validated In Many Clinical Trials.

•Around 7,469 Patient Clinical Trials Have Been Completed Successfully. 

Eight Clinical Trials Have Been Published Describing The Effectiveness Of Onkosure DR-70 Internationally.

Four Of These Studies Demonstrated The Effectiveness As A General Cancer Screen.

Four Of The Studies Verified The Effectiveness At The Detection Of A Single Type Of Cancer: Lung, Colorectal, Tongue And Ovarian, Respectively.

Clinical Studies Have Produced Exceptionally Favourable Results Demonstrating High Degrees Of Sensitivity And Specificity.



 What Is Cancer?

When The Cells In Our Body Start Multiplying Uncontrollably, This Abnormality Is Called Cancer.

 What Do You Mean By "Cancer Screening Test"?

Screening Refers To Tests And Exams Used To Find A Disease Such As Cancer In People Who Do Not Have Any Symptoms. Screening    Tests Can Help Find Cancer At An Early Stage Before The Symptoms Appear. The Sooner A Cancer Is Found And Treatment Begins, The Better Are The Chances Of Its Control.

 What Is Onkosure DR - 70?

Onkosure DR - 70 Is An ELISA Test With High Specificity And Sensitivity Which Measures The Fibrin And Fibrinogen Degradation Products In The Blood Even In The Early Stages Of Cancer By Using Poly Clonal Antibody (DR-70) As A Bio Marker. As A  Non-Invasive Method, It Enables The Early And Cost Effective Diagnosis Of Patients With Cancer In Comparison To Other Invasive And High Cost Methods.

 Why Should You Go For Onkosure DR-70?

Onkosure® DR-70 Is A Simple Blood Test That Has Been Shown To Detect The Risk Of 16 Different Types Of Cancers. It Helps To Detect Cancer At The Earliest Stages Often Before Symptoms Show Up. It Provides An Early Diagnosis Advantage Which Has Been Proven By Many Clinical Studies Conducted In All Over The World.

 How Frequently Should One Get Tested?

One Should Get Tested Every Year.

 What Is The Procedure Of The Test?

1. Call Us On +91 843351351 To Book The Test.

2. Our Technical Team Will Collect 3 Ml. Blood Sample From Your Residence / Place Of Convenience.

3. We Will E-Mail Or Send You Hard Copy Of The Test Reports Within 15 Working Days.

 What Are The Necessary Precautions To Be Taken Before The Test?

There Is No Need For Any Fasting For This Blood Test. However, One Must Avoid To Get Tested In Cases Where They Are Ill, Suffering From Fever Or Are On Heavy Medications. Getting Tested In Such Conditions May Result In False Positive / False Negative Reports. It Is Always Advisable To Consult Your Doctor Before Taking The Tests.

 How Can We Prevent Cancer?

The Risk Of Developing Many Types Of Cancers Can Be Reduced By Practicing Healthy Lifestyle Habits Such As Eating A Healthy Diet, Getting Regular Exercise, No Smoking Etc.

 Is This Test Approved World-Wide?

The Test Has Been Approved In The US And Various European Countries For The Detection Of Cancer Especially Colorectal And Lung Cancers And Their Recurrences.

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